Parts of the Body – State Farm Agent, Ed Brown

Ed Brown II (Left) and Ed Brown (Right) have been pillars of great personal service in the insurance business for many years.

Yes, It’s been awhile since we’ve highlighted those who are making a difference by either partnering with us, volunteering, or one of our many special young people. We’re glad you’re back to check out Parts of the Body!

Some people join your program once they see the success. Few join before the see the benefits. Over the last 3 years, State Farm Agent, Ed Brown has been one of our biggest supporters. However, this is a family affair. His son, Ed Brown II, has been instrumental in helping with our car wash fundraisers, and has been one of our most involved parents. And the youngest of the Ed Brown linage, Trey Brown, is now going into his fourth year being in our program. Seeing Trey’s growth is synonymous with the trajectory of 1 Body Outreach. Each year, the difference has been noticeable.

The eldest of the Brown’s, Ed Brown has been a State Farm Agent for 32 years. His office is located at 700 W 25th St. Sanford, FL, (407) 321-1464. This office has always been a pillar of excellent service in the insurance industry. The mission of Ed Brown’s office is to help people manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected, and realize their dreams.

Insurance is something that we all need to have. It’s great to know that you can have an insurance agent that cares about you and your family. Please visit Ed Brown – State Farm Insurance to get more information or to simply thank them for being a critical Part of the Body.

The Ed Brown Linage – Ed Brown II (son), Trey Brown (grandson), Ed Brown (father)


Parts of the Body – David Coleman of Coleman’s Barbershop

Welcome back to, “Parts of the Body”!

For the next couple editions, we are placing the focus and spotlight on some people who have an incredible heart for seeing unity in the community: OUR PARTNERS. We begin with a gentleman who has certainly made sure his presence has been felt in his community since arriving.

Meet David Coleman, owner of Coleman’s Barbershop – After only recently opening the shop, Coleman’s has already been receiving rave reviews for not only the quality of haircuts and styles, but also the top notch level of service that David and and his staff provide. The motto of the shop is, “Perfect place for the perfect blend”. Based off the diverse, precision styles that happy customers consistently walk out of Coleman’s with, I’d say they know exactly how to perfect any blend you desire.

David has been very supportive in the local community partnering with local churches to provide haircuts for back-to-school youth programs. He also has been giving away Thanksgiving turkeys to those in need. David has a beautiful family with his wife Emily, and their 2 children. Their son David Jr., participates with 1 Body and is quite the scholar-athlete. He has straight A’s and performs very well on both the football field and basketball court.

So make certain that you set up your appointment at Coleman’s, because without  the support of people like Mr. Coleman we’d not be able to continue our mission of using sports, the arts, and education as tools to empower our youth to make good decisions and become productive role models in our community. Coleman’s Barbershop is a vital Part of the Body.

David Coleman (pictured) of Coleman’s Barbershop in Oviedo, FL has been a beacon of light in the community since the shop opened.

Parts of the Body – The Lodge Sisters

It’s been a while! Many around Central Florida have since gone back to school. Hopefully everyone has everything they need to be successful this school year. To make sure this was the case, a dynamic sister duo has been instrumental in not only helping 1 Body with school supplies, but just consistently making a difference, while pursuing their entrepreneurial passions.

Meet Mareeka Lodge! This woman is pure joy and enthusiasm personified. She exudes this joy in her dance-hall sessions for her company, Shurfiyah Entertainment – Also an up and coming rap artist known as, Amaris Star, to the music community, Mareeka has really used Shurfiyah to make an impact in the lives of youth throughout Central Florida. Thanks to Shurfiyah, 1 Body has been blessed with tons of school supplies for the second consecutive year.

And her number one supporter/big sister, Shani Lodge is equally as awesome. She may be familiar to anyone who follows 1 Body, as she was the MC for the first annual 1 Body Fundraiser Gala… and boy did she do a phenomenal job! She is also the Founder of ShaniSpeaksNow and you can follow her shows on YouTube as well as other social media outlets @ShaniSpeaksNow. Sharing the same passion for young people as her sister, Shani has been very instrumental in organizing and promoting the supply drives benefiting 1 Body.

Please be sure to purchase tickets to see Mareeka star in the stage play, Dreamgirls. Tickets can be purchased here

We are truly blessed to have the Lodges on board with us as they are indeed, a critical Part of the Body.

From left to right: Shani Lodge, of Shani speaks Now, Mike Davis of 1 Body Outreach, and Mareeka Lodge of Shurfiyah Entertainment. The 3 take a brief pause for a pose in front of many bags filled with school supply donations.

Parts of the Body – Esland Berjuste

Please bring your middle and high school kids to this awesome empowerment session!

Good Day 1 Body Family!

Life experiences could be the catalyst to cause a person to make an incredible difference in the lives of others. This is exactly the case with the Founder of our partner organization, Esland Berjuste of WATCH KIDZ.

Esland states, “At the age of 12 my father took me to Haiti for the very first time and I fell in love with the country and its culture. I also couldn’t help but notice homeless kids and babies on the street. My cousins took me to go see a movie and while leaving the theatre a little boy approached me and asked me if I had any change and as I reached into my pocket a cop came by with a whip and hit the boy while screaming out “Get away from here you Dog”. It was at that very moment I knew I had to do something to help.” In 2007, during her sophomore year of college, she started WATCH (What About the Children in Haiti). Then in 2015 Esland added, What About the Children at Home when she expanded efforts to also empower youth in both South and Central Florida. Both together are known as WATCH KIDZ. To support WATCH KIDZ or learn more, we encourage you to check out

We are excited to announce on Saturday July 22, we have our first event together as we collaborate with WATCH KIDZ signature event, “Cupcakes and Conversations” which is for middle and high school young ladies. We now include, BLAST (Building Lives Around Sound Truth) for middle school and high school young men. This will be the event to attend if you are seeking an opportunity to provide your son or daughter with a chance to get their questions answered confidentially (sorry, no parents allowed) by people who serve the community and are looking to see them go to another level. This is a FREE event! Please register at the link below to reserve space for Cupcakes and Conversations or BLAST.

We are honored to have Esland as a Part of the Body!

Esland Berjuste (pictured) sorting through donations after Hurricane Matthew.

Parts of the Body – Coach Emilio Holder

Good Day 1 Body Family!

Experience is the best teacher. The gentleman we are highlighting today has plenty of it. In fact, he did something very similar many years ago to what 1 Body does now; using basketball as a means to impact young lives when he started a basketball ministry through his church in New York. Emilio Holder, known to us as Coach Emilio, has been instrumental in providing guidance and wisdom to not only the youth in the basketball program, but also the other coaches. His past experience is invaluable. Although he is operating in more of a support role these days, he has been the head coach of the 10 and under basketball team for two years before sliding down to assistant coach this past year. Thank you for everything that you contribute Coach Emilio! You truly are an important Part of the Body.

Coach Emilio Holder (pictured) has been a huge influence on the younger kids involved with 1 Body Basketball.

Parts of the Body – Theo Nelson

Theo Nelson (right) pictured with 1 Body’s Founder, Mike Davis (left) going over instructions at The Good Life’s launch event this past fall.

Welcome Back!!!

We are excited to highlight a young man who although he did not come through 1 Body growing up, he exemplifies everything we stand for. We’re talking about Theo Nelson. He is the star of “1 Body, the Stage Play”, where he plays Red Harris, a troubled teen who has lots of talent but little guidance. Theo is not only a talented actor who has participated in many stage plays and screen plays, he also makes it a point to give back to his community.

Growing up in West Orange County (Orlando), FL, Theo knows all too well the pressures facing youth today. With so many teens succumbing to drug/alcohol abuse and violence, Theo has felt compelled to begin walking in his calling as he is currently serving as Youth Pastor at New Covenant Baptist Church in Orlando. To take it a step further, he has also formed his own organization called, “The Good Life”. This is intended to highlight positive events or happenings in the Central Florida region when negative things are sadly becoming the norm. 1 Body actually had the pleasure of partnering with The Good Life on their very first event. Theo is a natural born leader driven by his faith. He is blazing a trail that young people everywhere can draw encouragement from. We’re grateful for Theo being such an important Part of the Body!

Parts of the Body – Noble Crawford


Noble Crawford, of Lake Howell High School in Winter Park, FL, is one of the original kids to come through 1 Body.

It’s a lot to be said for someone who is a part of the “first” to do anything. We all know that it is much easier to jump on board something once the momentum and hype surrounding it has picked up. This is why we are forever grateful to Noble Crawford, a sophomore at Lake Howell High School in Winter Park, FL.

Noble was one of our original basketball players. Very athletic, very long, yet very undeveloped. As we often say to parents that inquire about their kids joining our basketball program, you can find a solid basketball program anywhere in the area but what we’re about is bigger than basketball. With that understanding, Noble’s parents, Donnie and Nicole Crawford, trusted us with their son. While we cannot take much credit for his growth, he has certainly grown tremendously. Many know him for his playful spirit, but in addition to that, he has become a great athlete with a great heart for people.

Noble is now a starter, and very impactful player on the Lake Howell Varsity Team. We encourage you to continue to look forward to big things from him in the years to come and we are glad to say that he’s been a major Part of the Body since day 1.

Noble Crawford (pictured) is hard at work during our 2016 summer basketball camp.

Parts of the Body – Cristena Mitchell & Cathy Berkeley

1 Body the Stage Play, has been performed on multiple occasions since it first premiered in September of 2015. One of the stars of this original production, Cristena Mitchell, is a junior at Orlando’s Colonial High School. She plays the role of, “Yolanda”, a young lady who has a strong upbringing and is not afraid to stand for what she believes in despite the peer pressure surrounding her. Yolanda, the fictional character, has actually inspired Cristena, the real person, to do the same.

She plays Yolanda very well, but that is not her only talent, nor her best talent. Ms. Mitchell is an extraordinary dancer as she has been involved in dance most of her life. She is on the dance team at school and she is a part of her church’s dance ministry. When 1 Body launches their competitive dance program, Cristena has made it clear that she wants to help get the program off the ground.

But as grateful as we are for Cristena, we are also grateful for her mother, Cathy Berkeley. Ms. Berkeley is the person that is always willing to help whether it is volunteering her photography gift, or just simply always wanting to assist any way possible. As an organization that is still in infancy, people like Cathy are invaluable.

Cristena is awesome! Cathy is amazing! Both have incredibly unselfish spirits that exemplify exactly what it is to be 1 Body.

Cristena (left) and Cathy (right) both are critical to the performing arts of 1 Body.

Parts of the Body – Zakiya McGhie

Zakiya McGhie (pictured) has been vital to the growth of 1 Body as both a tutor and event planner.

Welcome 1 Body Family!

Today, we are taking the time to spotlight another powerful Part. Meet the lovely, Ms. Zakiya McGhie. She served as one of our volunteer tutors in 2016, and has a tremendous passion for youth and reading. This is evident as she is also a Reading Teacher in the Orange County, FL Public School System.

Being a lady who has an eye for class, elegance and coordinating events, Zakiya also has her own event planning business, R.E.A.L Event Planning (Redefining Events And Life). It was thanks to Zakiya and her team from R.E.A.L Events, that we were able to host our very first fundraiser gala in February 2017. The 1 Body Fundraiser Gala received rave reviews and will certainly be an instrumental event for us going forward. After all, if we keep it R.E.A.L, we already know who the event planner is going to be!


Parts of the Body – Troy Johnson III

Welcome to the 1st edition of Parts of the Body!

We are thrilled to be highlighting Mr. Troy Johnson III. Around here we like to think of Troy as 1 Body’s unofficial Board Member. He has captured many of our greatest moments, and created nearly all of our marketing videos and images… not to mention he only designed our logo and every t-shirt that we’ve come out with thus far! Where would we be without Troy???

Not only does Troy utilize his immense talent as a graphic designer with us, but he also does work for his company, Troy Johnson Creative Services which operates primarily in Orlando and much of Central Florida.

As a devoted husband to his wife; Brittani, and father to their daughters; Trinity and Samaya, Troy has a heart for seeing the next generation strive for excellence and overcome obstacles placed before them. Also a mentor with an Orlando mentoring organization called, Strengthening Our Sons (S.O.S), Troy is indeed, a major Part of the Body, whom we are proud to say is connected to us.


Troy Johnson (pictured) Has been very instrumental to the early success of 1 Body.