Parts of the Body – Victor Pelt

Victor Pelt is one of the many success stories that has come from 1 Body’s Basketball Program

It’s been a while! But we’re excited to bring you another edition of, Parts of the Body. This time, we focus on a young man who has been a true joy to be around and watch grow. By the way, he is also a pretty good athlete as well.

Victor Pelt is a rising 8th grade student at Corner Lake Middle School in Orlando, FL. He has been far more than just a star basketball player for us. Victor has been a true leader by example. We are talking about a perennial straight-A student, and now most notably a member of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS). This honor is earned based on a variety of factors that ultimately point to the greatest thing we can say about Victor, he is a great kid that exhibits great character. We are extremely proud to have Victor as a critical Part of the Body!