Parts of the Body – Theo Nelson

Theo Nelson (right) pictured with 1 Body’s Founder, Mike Davis (left) going over instructions at The Good Life’s launch event this past fall.

Welcome Back!!!

We are excited to highlight a young man who although he did not come through 1 Body growing up, he exemplifies everything we stand for. We’re talking about Theo Nelson. He is the star of “1 Body, the Stage Play”, where he plays Red Harris, a troubled teen who has lots of talent but little guidance. Theo is not only a talented actor who has participated in many stage plays and screen plays, he also makes it a point to give back to his community.

Growing up in West Orange County (Orlando), FL, Theo knows all too well the pressures facing youth today. With so many teens succumbing to drug/alcohol abuse and violence, Theo has felt compelled to begin walking in his calling as he is currently serving as Youth Pastor at New Covenant Baptist Church in Orlando. To take it a step further, he has also formed his own organization called, “The Good Life”. This is intended to highlight positive events or happenings in the Central Florida region when negative things are sadly becoming the norm. 1 Body actually had the pleasure of partnering with The Good Life on their very first event. Theo is a natural born leader driven by his faith. He is blazing a trail that young people everywhere can draw encouragement from. We’re grateful for Theo being such an important Part of the Body!