Parts of the Body – The Lodge Sisters

It’s been a while! Many around Central Florida have since gone back to school. Hopefully everyone has everything they need to be successful this school year. To make sure this was the case, a dynamic sister duo has been instrumental in not only helping 1 Body with school supplies, but just consistently making a difference, while pursuing their entrepreneurial passions.

Meet Mareeka Lodge! This woman is pure joy and enthusiasm personified. She exudes this joy in her dance-hall sessions for her company, Shurfiyah Entertainment – Also an up and coming rap artist known as, Amaris Star, to the music community, Mareeka has really used Shurfiyah to make an impact in the lives of youth throughout Central Florida. Thanks to Shurfiyah, 1 Body has been blessed with tons of school supplies for the second consecutive year.

And her number one supporter/big sister, Shani Lodge is equally as awesome. She may be familiar to anyone who follows 1 Body, as she was the MC for the first annual 1 Body Fundraiser Gala… and boy did she do a phenomenal job! She is also the Founder of ShaniSpeaksNow and you can follow her shows on YouTube as well as other social media outlets @ShaniSpeaksNow. Sharing the same passion for young people as her sister, Shani has been very instrumental in organizing and promoting the supply drives benefiting 1 Body.

Please be sure to purchase tickets to see Mareeka star in the stage play, Dreamgirls. Tickets can be purchased here

We are truly blessed to have the Lodges on board with us as they are indeed, a critical Part of the Body.

From left to right: Shani Lodge, of Shani speaks Now, Mike Davis of 1 Body Outreach, and Mareeka Lodge of Shurfiyah Entertainment. The 3 take a brief pause for a pose in front of many bags filled with school supply donations.