Parts of the Body – Cristena Mitchell & Cathy Berkeley

1 Body the Stage Play, has been performed on multiple occasions since it first premiered in September of 2015. One of the stars of this original production, Cristena Mitchell, is a junior at Orlando’s Colonial High School. She plays the role of, “Yolanda”, a young lady who has a strong upbringing and is not afraid to stand for what she believes in despite the peer pressure surrounding her. Yolanda, the fictional character, has actually inspired Cristena, the real person, to do the same.

She plays Yolanda very well, but that is not her only talent, nor her best talent. Ms. Mitchell is an extraordinary dancer as she has been involved in dance most of her life. She is on the dance team at school and she is a part of her church’s dance ministry. When 1 Body launches their competitive dance program, Cristena has made it clear that she wants to help get the program off the ground.

But as grateful as we are for Cristena, we are also grateful for her mother, Cathy Berkeley. Ms. Berkeley is the person that is always willing to help whether it is volunteering her photography gift, or just simply always wanting to assist any way possible. As an organization that is still in infancy, people like Cathy are invaluable.

Cristena is awesome! Cathy is amazing! Both have incredibly unselfish spirits that exemplify exactly what it is to be 1 Body.

Cristena (left) and Cathy (right) both are critical to the performing arts of 1 Body.