Parts of the Body – Coach Emilio Holder

Good Day 1 Body Family!

Experience is the best teacher. The gentleman we are highlighting today has plenty of it. In fact, he did something very similar many years ago to what 1 Body does now; using basketball as a means to impact young lives when he started a basketball ministry through his church in New York. Emilio Holder, known to us as Coach Emilio, has been instrumental in providing guidance and wisdom to not only the youth in the basketball program, but also the other coaches. His past experience is invaluable. Although he is operating in more of a support role these days, he has been the head coach of the 10 and under basketball team for two years before sliding down to assistant coach this past year. Thank you for everything that you contribute Coach Emilio! You truly are an important Part of the Body.

Coach Emilio Holder (pictured) has been a huge influence on the younger kids involved with 1 Body Basketball.