Parts of the Body – Troy Johnson III

Welcome to the 1st edition of Parts of the Body!

We are thrilled to be highlighting Mr. Troy Johnson III. Around here we like to think of Troy as 1 Body’s unofficial Board Member. He has captured many of our greatest moments, and created nearly all of our marketing videos and images… not to mention he only designed our logo and every t-shirt that we’ve come out with thus far! Where would we be without Troy???

Not only does Troy utilize his immense talent as a graphic designer with us, but he also does work for his company, Troy Johnson Creative Services which operates primarily in Orlando and much of Central Florida.

As a devoted husband to his wife; Brittani, and father to their daughters; Trinity and Samaya, Troy has a heart for seeing the next generation strive for excellence and overcome obstacles placed before them. Also a mentor with an Orlando mentoring organization called, Strengthening Our Sons (S.O.S), Troy is indeed, a major Part of the Body, whom we are proud to say is connected to us.


Troy Johnson (pictured) Has been very instrumental to the early success of 1 Body.

Parts of the Body – Welcome


I’m excited that you have taken a few moments of your precious time to check out some of the great things that we are doing here at 1 Body. The very theme, “1 Body” is intended to permeate “WE” and “US” as opposed to “I” and “ME”. At the risk of sounding cliche, it takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a village to do just about everything else. Although I am the founder, director, and the face that has become synonymous with 1 Body, WE ARE 1 BODY. This is so much bigger than me. This is so much bigger than a Board of Directors or a sponsor. This is who WE ARE.

A body is made up of many parts, each part plays a critical role in leading the body to perform at its best. So check back here as we will highlight an individual (volunteer, partner, sponsor, or kid) right here in, “Parts of the Body”. If you have any suggestions for someone who should be highlighted as a Part of the Body, please email us at 



Mike Davis