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Parts of the Body – State Farm Agent, Ed Brown

Yes, It’s been awhile since we’ve highlighted those who are making a difference by either partnering with us, volunteering, or one of our many special young people. We’re glad you’re back to check out Parts of the Body! Some people join your program once they see the success. Few join before the see the benefits. […]

Parts of the Body – The Lodge Sisters

It’s been a while! Many around Central Florida have since gone back to school. Hopefully everyone has everything they need to be successful this school year. To make sure this was the case, a dynamic sister duo has been instrumental in not only helping 1 Body with school supplies, but just consistently making a difference, […]

Parts of the Body – Victor Pelt

It’s been a while! But we’re excited to bring you another edition of, Parts of the Body. This time, we focus on a young man who has been a true joy to be around and watch grow. By the way, he is also a pretty good athlete as well. Victor Pelt is a rising 8th […]

Parts of the Body – Esland Berjuste

Good Day 1 Body Family! Life experiences could be the catalyst to cause a person to make an incredible difference in the lives of others. This is exactly the case with the Founder of our partner organization, Esland Berjuste of WATCH KIDZ. Esland states, “At the age of 12 my father took me to Haiti for […]

Parts of the Body – Coach Emilio Holder

Good Day 1 Body Family! Experience is the best teacher. The gentleman we are highlighting today has plenty of it. In fact, he did something very similar many years ago to what 1 Body does now; using basketball as a means to impact young lives when he started a basketball ministry through his church in […]

Parts of the Body – Theo Nelson

Welcome Back!!! We are excited to highlight a young man who although he did not come through 1 Body growing up, he exemplifies everything we stand for. We’re talking about Theo Nelson. He is the star of “1 Body, the Stage Play”, where he plays Red Harris, a troubled teen who has lots of talent […]

Parts of the Body – Noble Crawford

  It’s a lot to be said for someone who is a part of the “first” to do anything. We all know that it is much easier to jump on board something once the momentum and hype surrounding it has picked up. This is why we are forever grateful to Noble Crawford, a sophomore at […]

Parts of the Body – Cristena Mitchell & Cathy Berkeley

1 Body the Stage Play, has been performed on multiple occasions since it first premiered in September of 2015. One of the stars of this original production, Cristena Mitchell, is a junior at Orlando’s Colonial High School. She plays the role of, “Yolanda”, a young lady who has a strong upbringing and is not afraid to […]

Parts of the Body – Zakiya McGhie

Welcome 1 Body Family! Today, we are taking the time to spotlight another powerful Part. Meet the lovely, Ms. Zakiya McGhie. She served as one of our volunteer tutors in 2016, and has a tremendous passion for youth and reading. This is evident as she is also a Reading Teacher in the Orange County, FL […]