1 Body Alumni – The Next Wave

THE NEXT WAVE – Ayden, Cam, Dakara, David

Although we typically write about those who have come through our program either, on the basketball or performing arts side, we had to take some time out to highlight a few young people that have stood out over the last few years. This fantastic four are simply dominant, elite level athletes that we are very fortunate to have around our program. But what makes them even more special is that they are all excelling academically, and they are revealing phenomenal leadership qualities that will ensure each of these four are going to do something to greatly impact not only their community, but their world for the better.


“The coaches of 1 Body have impacted my life. They taught us a lot about defense and offense. Another great thing about 1 Body are my teammates. Together we have learned a lot of plays and the best times to make our shots. Being a part of this team has also helped me be a better leader.”  


“Playing with 1 Body has made a major impact on my life. It has taught me how to trust., developed my athletic skills, and most importantly taught me how to lead others. I love how we practice really hard and practice a lot, because it has made me the player that I am today. 1 Body has also paired me with teammates that I’ve grown with and they have my back. 1 Body showed me how to never give up and they embraced my potential. They never stopped believing in me. 1 Body will always be my home!”


“When I first joined my 1 Body Family as a fourth grader, I immediately felt right at home. The reason I felt that way is because I was welcomed with open arms. I knew I wanted to play basketball but was very nervous to try. Because of the motivation and encouragement that I received from my coaches, I was able to succeed. They have been there for me through it all, including the tears. Now, as a fifth grader,  I am now on an AAU Basketball team having the opportunity to travel the country playing basketball thanks to the preparation and support from my 1 Body Family. My life has changed tremendously, and I will forever be thankful for all that my 1 Body Family has done for me. They have truly been a blessing in my life!”


“1 Body impacted my life by helping me meet new friends and helped me get better at basketball. It’s also taught me discipline in learning how to listen and learn from my coaches. I won a tournament for the first time in basketball and it was dope! Coach Thomas and Coach Mike were really cool. 1 Body is my family!”

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